・Our chages include cosumption tax.
・Single use room is charged an additional 3000 yen.
・We any decline single use reservation during busy season. Please contact us for more details.
・2000 yen less for kids.

Kids in elemetary school or younger

2160 yen with no bed and no meals.
3870 yen with no bed and with kids meals.
5000 yen less than the adult charge with bed and kids meals.
(Same for twin A room)

Prices for Pets

1080 yen for a pet. For more than one pet, 540 yen for the second pet.


Please make your payment in cash or with credit card.

seasonA seasonB seasonC seasonD
twinA 11,500円 13,500円 14,000円 15,500円
twinB 13,500円 15,500円 16,000円 17,500円
twinB(3 persons) 11,500円 13,500円 14,000円 15,500円
deluxe 17,500円 19,500円 20,000円 21,500円
deluxe2(3 persons) 15,500円 17,500円 18,000円 19,500円

*Prices vary by season.
* Prices above are for a room and differ according to number of guests per room.

* Special rate may be applied for holiday seasons. Please ask when you make resevration or please look into plan details.

Cancellation Policy

50% of reserved service for cancellation the day before
100% of reserved service for cancellation On the day
100% of reserved service for cancellation No notification
* No charge for cancelling a week before.
* For reservation more than 20 guests, we ask for cancellation charge of 100% of the reserved services for cancelling two weeks before
* Cancellation fees are calculated based on the reserved charge for one person.