Check-in 15:00/Check-out 10:00
1st Floor: Front, Restaurant, Lounge, Toilet, Smoking room, Foot shower
2nd Floor: 7 guest rooms
10 parking spots, Terrace, Dog run
Frig, microwave, water server, drink area in the lounge.

Seasonal dinner entertains your evening in modestly lit restaurant. Breakfast is served with a view of the morning moutains. Slow and relaxing time in our octagon shaped space with a high ceiling.
Happy dogs!
Porcelain tiles on the floor keeps your pets comfortable beside you while you dine. The tile floor is cool in summer and heated and warm in winter.

The lounge comes with books, magazines, a piano and TV. Communication with other guests is nice, while spending your own time here is also enjoyable. Feel at home.

Terrace facing Yatsugatake Moutains.
Cool breeze is the best treatment in summer.
You may see Mt. Fuji if you are lucky.

Guest Rooms

Two semi-double beds in bed room and living room.
A sofa bed for the third guest.
Separate bath room and toilet room for comfortable stay.
Stylish interior will enhance your time.

■Twin A
Two single size beds.
Bathroom unit.
Less expensive on weekdays.

●Shower for Pets
Warm shower is available to clean feet of your pets. Two different sizes of bathing tubs. Get clean and comfy after a walk.

●Toiletaries for Pets
Our guest rooms come with hair roller, towels, deodorant spary, toilet tray (one size), pet sheets. Take a plastic bag with you from the front door when you go out.
Towels are avaialble at the pet shower.